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Waiting for you in the hotel at night

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Laura. 17 years of age. Supports Liverpool but also her local team Southampton. Likes to go to matches when she can. Is random. Hence the word random being in her username. Often resulting in random, crack filled, rambles which she likes to call posts. The "posts" may also consist of football rants, emo!rants, or any other kind of rant really. She quite likes ranting. And she has recently decided that from now on she is going to post what the fuck she likes in HER journal. And if you dont like it then you know what you can do. Hmmm. Right, what else? Well, she cant really think of anything else to say. So if you want to find out anything else about her then feel free to friend her. She normally adds everyone back.

I claimed Xabi Alonso's eyes, Steven Gerrard's voice, Daniel Agger's nose, Alvaro Arbeloa's smile and Morten Gamst Pedersen's hair @ football_claims

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